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Road to Discovery for BG:SoD and EET:SoD

This Tweak Mod is for the SoD campaign (also with native EET compatibility).
It serves two purposes.

For players, this mod aims to make the coalition forces aware of Caelar's and Hephernaan's plans with focus on the actual important aim and danger of the crusade, and give reply options with which the PC can inform the coalition forces about what is going on. For this, all bits and pieces of information the PC can gather along the campaign are tracked and evaluated. Journal entries give an overview on what information the PC already gathered.
All in all, this mod is supposed to connect the dots so the PC is able to tell about all the inside info they gathered as well as have the coalition officers acknowledge and react to the actual danger(s).

For modders, this mod introduces a variable-based tracking system about the different levels of knowledge the PC and the coalition officers gain throughout the campaign, which could be used for own mods, e.g. for fine tuning mod NPCs reactions to the depths of gained information about Caelar, Hephernaan, and the crusade, but also the Hooded Man's appearances. Also, own reaction mods based on any components of Road to Discovery can be developped by whoever wants to, as long as those mods make (components of) RtD a prerequisite and do not include changed content of this mod nor tweak any of RtD original writing.

The mod is modular so every player as well as modder can chose how much changes and content they want to see/use.

The following lists the information from the SoD campaign this mod is considering. For detailed description of the used variables and the exact definition of the tracked infomation see below:
-What is the main purpose of the crusade - what is Caelar proclaiming, and what is it really?
-What truth lies in Caelar's proclamation - and her crusaders' belief - that Caelar protects the crusade with "divine powers of the pantheon"?
-What is the background of Caelar's life and family, and how does it influence her motives?
-Is Caelar a Bhaal Spawn?
-Caelar is being betrayed? By who?
-What are Hephernaan's plans?
-The Hooded Man is stalking the PC, and why?
-What does Caelar and Hephernaan want with the PC?
-What was the attack in the palace with the weak poison for?

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